A Virus

Well, if I were posting from our computer right now, I would go to Flickr (where I find all of my most interesting blog pictures) and find something that represents a bug or a virus. However, I am posting from someone else's computer because our computer at home has...something like a bug or a virus. We became aware of this on Tuesday evening, and today a Computer Doctor guy came over to work on it. He worked on it for awhile, but ended up taking away the tower to work on the hard drive, which quite frankly I see as a bad sign. Apparently it's fixable...at some large amount per hour, I'm sure.

So I've been with use of a computer for about 48 hours. I'm sure that all of you computer-using people realize how much we depend on computers and the Internet. However, I have been amazed at how many times I've thought about doing something on the computer in the past two days, and of course could not. This is above and beyond the regular e-mailing and blog posting. I wanted to look to see if our new (and wonderful) library had some certain books. I wanted to find out of there was a CVS pharmacy here in the area that I could transfer my prescriptions to. I wanted to see what a certain business here with an interesting sign was all about. I wanted to see pictures of Santonio Holmes' children celebrating with him after the Super Bowl. But alas, I could not do any of these.

Hopefully Dr. Computer Fixer Upper will bring the tower back tomorrow, all recovered and ready to go, because I really have a lot to look up. However, if I don't post for a day or so, you'll know why.

Sarah  – (8 February 2009 at 13:21)  

Oh, my deepest sympathies about a computer virus. Ew. Indeed, I use my computer for EVERYTHING and if I were new in a town, I would use it for lots more! May it get back to you soon!

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