Somewhere Between Big Brother-ish and Useful

Perhaps some of you have seen this new feature from Google called Google Latitude. I suppose it's kind of like Twittering for those visual learners, in that you can see where 'your people' are at any given time.

While I think the Big Brother potential for this is huge, I also thought it would have been great for our trip across the country. We could have made a little picture with our moving party by the truck and those who wanted to could have tracked us all the way across.

Oh, well. Maybe next time. (Ha ha ha ha. It's a good thing they seem to like us here, because I'm not moving again any time soon!).

***Oooh. When I went over to the site for Google tracking to link it above, I saw that the map shown in the example is actually Fresno, and one of the people in the picture lives about where we do. When you guys click on it, do you see your home cities, or do you seen Fresno? Very strange.

Rob  – (17 February 2009 at 09:52)  

It uses where you are - mine pulled up Lubbock. Could you not just call someone and say: "Hey, where are you?"

I know, I know - takes all the fun out of technology...

Bob  – (17 February 2009 at 15:42)  

Sure, sure. I'm getting addicted to Facebook, thinking seriously about Twitter and now you through something else in the mix!

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