Here is another gift that I received when we left Morgantown. This was made by my good friend Anne, and she brought it to me the Friday night before we left on Sunday (and then she and her husband John came back and brought us some pizza for dinner, which was a gift unto itself). I knew that she was making me something but was waiting for it to be framed, so I was very excited to see what she had created for me. I love that it is made in "postage stamp" style, which is a style I love and have used myself here.

I also love that the patterned paper she used is very appropriate for a farewell gift. You can see evidence of that here:
Plus, I just love that my good friend Anne labored to make it for me, which is no small feat considering that she a)is a kindergarten teacher with not a lot of free time, and b)she broke her wrist and was either casted, splinted, or gloved most of the time she was working on it.

Anne is coming out to Fresno with her daughter Emily this summer, and I am very excited about that - I have a whole list of fun things to show them.

Thanks, Anne!

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