I've been feeling a little dry in the word department for the past day or so. Perhaps it's because it has been so hot here lately, and of course, no one in Fresno seems to talk about the heat without saying, "but it's a dry heat".

I suppose that if I had moved here straight from my childhood home of Austin, I would notice how dry the heat is here in comparison to the Texas humidity. I wouldn't feel the stickiness that I was used to, and perhaps I would just observe how arid it all is here. However, I moved from West Virginia, where last year's average high temperature about matches Fresno's temperature today. As a whole, we didn't get a lot of humidity in West Virginia to speak of. As a result, I'm not feeling the dry. I'm feeling the hot.

However, it is supposed to cool down a bit over the next few days, and perhaps we can pass through the last days of April under 90 degrees. Yes, I know the heat is coming...I just would like a few more weeks of non-heat first.

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