Tattoos of my Discontent

Well, yesterday I mentioned in passing that the boys had several weekend sporting events that were - not so fun. At least they were not so fun for me, the mother who sat and watched her talented sons sit on the bench - in two sports and four separate sporting events.

I could write for miles about how frustrating it is for me. However, I will not carry on about that at the moment. I will however say that a telling symbol of my sporting malcontent showed up on my inner arms this morning. These were in the form of little, inch-long black marks imprinted repeatedly on my inner arms, around the elbow area.

These came about at Jacob's basketball tournament. He played (or didn't play, as the case was) in three of these games. Of course you have to pay to attend these games, and when you pay they stamp your hand with the "This One Paid a Whopping $5 Per Day" stamp. But now little replicas of the stamp are on the inside of my arms...after I spent most of all of the games clenching my crossed arms tightly to my extreme discontent.

Sigh. Are these signs to calm down during these sporting events? To take deep breaths and assume a less-imprintable position of meditation as the game goes on? Perhaps to hummm softly to myself, or perhaps just to gently blow on the stamp to let it dry before the game begins. I am really not sure.

I suppose I really do need to figure that out (and take another shower) before the next slew of sporting events begin. Tomorrow.

Barbara  – (20 April 2009 at 13:27)  

Dad and I were talking this morning and I was telling him I wished I knew a way to help you feel more at peace with the not-so-fun sports situation. It reminded me of a quote I read the other day - A mother is only as happy as her saddest child. And how sometimes we're sad for our children when they may not be as upset with the situation as we are for them. And while talking to him, I realized I'm doing the exact same thing with you that I wish I could help you do with the boys. Guess a mother never outgrows the need to wish she could make things better for her children. Love you. Mom

Barbara  – (20 April 2009 at 13:29)  

I also have to tell you that Dad told me, Jason and Julie both have not blogs, but you might not want to read hers. It's about her new tattoo. I told him, She's a grownup and can have a tattoo, if she wants one.

Barbara  – (20 April 2009 at 13:30)  

That should be "new" blogs, not "not".

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