Six Happy Things

In the midst of a weekend filled with discouraging, disappointing, and dissatisfying sporting events that our sons are taking part in, here are six things that are making us happy right now.

1: My new spring mug that I found at the fancy Sur la Table store last weekend, marked down to a mere $2.99. Cute and my favorite color - green.

2. This "stained glass" piece of lupine flowers that is now finally finished and is displayed in one of windows. A couple of years ago when we were on Prince Edward Island in Canada, I saw one just like this, and thought, "I could make that." So I did. It just took me a couple of years to get it all done.

3. The boys' new shorts (with pockets) and jackets (also with pockets, although that doesn't matter). They're never been too much into non-athletic type shorts before, and I was surprised when they picked these nice plaid ones.

4. These recent pictures of the boys that my new friend Sandra took and gave me. (Thanks, Sandra.)

5. Jacob's Domo collection. Today he found Domo #6 at a yard sale for only $.25. What a deal.

6. This green package of gum that I splurged on at Starbucks yesterday. The gum is not that great, but the container is great - shiny and green (see #1, above).

Sarah  – (18 April 2009 at 19:48)  

I did not know that green is your favorite color. So that would make that mug AND the gum container both very happy things.

Congrats on getting your boys shorts with pockets. I bang my head on the wall with you over THAT crazy thing...

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