Random Friday Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts for today:

1. Had a good workout at the gym today. I didn't learn too much interesting from the row of TVs , but I did notice that the parking lot was looking a little weak today. Usually the gym parking lot looks just like a luxury car dealership - over two-thirds of the cars there are Mercedes, Lexuses, and BMWs. Today there was a rampant outcropping of Toyotas, Hondas, and Fords. Even the red Ferrari that is there every day was missing today (yes, seriously). Which begs the question: Where were all the rich people today?

2. In other gym news, my iTouch did finally start taking a charge the other day, so I don't have to work out sans music. In fact, I am now protected from this from happening by my kind mom, who sent me a check to hold onto in case the battery does indeed decide to die. (Thanks, Mom).

3. I signed up for Facebook again today. I was resisting, but everyone around me kept seeming to know these little bits of information about everyone else that they read on Facebook, and I got tired of being out of the loop. Fortunately, they didn't erase my profile, so the friends from before that I so seriously neglected were still there. (Hmmm...I suppose they didn't erase my profile just in case they wanted to glean information from it in the case that they reverse that controversial Facebook policy...)

4. There is a new batch of pollen/moss balls now, after the previous ones were swept away. This batch is made up of smaller balls, for some reason. The other day after I wrote that "Tree Droppings" post, I actually saw the tree drop several of these. For some reason I was a little embarrassed, as if I had witnessed some tree indiscretion for a moment. Like it lost all sense of personal tree hygiene, as it were.

5. In other home/agricultural news, I moved my little seedlings up off the ground, and this seems to have thwarted the little bugs that were eating them. I think they're looking pretty good. I'm pretty sure they like this cooler weather we're having - that's usually good for seedlings.

6. Weekend forecast: busy. We have two evening dinner invitations, one birthday party, Jacob is going to the Clovis Rodeo tomorrow with a friend, and we have at least five "Perseverance Lessons" for the boys to attend. (a.k.a. sporting events). I'm all set for that, though, with my new mug from my friend Sandra. It's the best mug EVER:Even the inside is cool:

I'm just going to fill it up with some strong coffee, take it to the games, and watch away. Thanks, Sandra!

Bob  – (24 April 2009 at 18:42)  

You know it hurts when I laugh. Shame on you.

Sandra  – (27 April 2009 at 07:51)  

Oh...you are so welcome! Remember, you're supposed to kind of toss your head in a nonchalant manner and give your eyes a little "teenage" roll when you express your "whatever" attitude.

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