Tree Droppings

This morning I bring you a picture of our back yard. Notice all those little bally things all over the ground? I call them "tree droppings", because they are clumps of moss-type growth that come from the tree back there. This tree is a prolific dropping producer - as soon as these are swept or raked away, a new batch comes down. When you touch them, a tiny cloud of yellow pollen puffs out. (With this kind of pollen action going on in just our back yard, it's a wonder the pollen rating here is currently just"very high" and not "astronomical".)

For some reason, it kind of makes me want to go out and shake the tree so it will be done with it, already. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever actually seen one of these tree droppings actually falling. Perhaps it's a private kind of thing for the tree. I might just sit here at the computer and gaze out at the back yard for a while and hope to catch one in action...or maybe it goes with the saying that "a watched tree never drops".


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