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Here are some random bits of news for Monday:

1. The dog next door drove me to the gym today. No, not actually (although an ability to drive might give that dog some kind of redeeming value). In truth, he just motivated me get out the door to the gym because it kept me away from his barking for at least an hour. Thanks, Bad Neighbor Dog. Now stop barking.

2. I was surprised to look up at the gym tvs today and see the governor of West Virginia on there (Hello, Joe). I had to actually switch my headphones over to that and listen to hear what he had to say about the floods in West Virginia. Then I had this sudden, irrational fear that perhaps our Morgantown house had been swept away. But no, most of the damage was in the southern part of the state. I am really sorry for them, but I am happy that our house is still okay and still traveling down "Sold Road".

3. It's supposed to be quite warm all of this week. The boys and I just got back from the neighborhood pool, where they swam for a while, and then we went out on the lake for a paddle boat ride. The boys paddled, and I rode in the back. I think the water looks murky and on the edge of ominous, although I think someone told me that it's about three feet deep. So, ominous in a shallow kind of way.

4. In other hot-weather news, we were sitting at Jericho's baseball game this last Saturday afternoon, and we kept feeling these mists of water hit us from time to time. Jason wondered aloud where the water was coming from, and another parent pointed out that the baseball dugouts have misters. They go on and off throughout the game, giving the players some refreshment. Kind of like the produce section at the grocery store, but on a bigger scale. I guess that when your baseball league has a $295,000 annual budget, they can put those kind of things in.

That's about all of my random thoughts for now. I'm sure more will surface later, and it's time for dinner.

Bob  – (11 May 2009 at 20:56)  

$295,000 annual budget! That's bigger than some countries! Forget playing - get on the board and declare a dividend.

Barbara  – (12 May 2009 at 08:28)  

We could have used that two summers ago when it was so hard at that tournament.

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