What I Do With My Free Time These Days

I wanted to post a picture of my new near-constant companion these days - this lovely textbook. It is just bursting forth with relevant, cutting-edge information about second language acquisition that every teacher needs. This is even the third edition of this book -in fact, the back of the book even boasts, "The best-seller keeps getting better!".

Okay, I have to cut in on myself here. First of all, the only reason I would ever read this book is to try and take the CTEL test so a school district will actually hire me to teach in California. In addition, the only reason this book is a best seller is because thousands and thousands of teachers are forced to try and take the CTEL test so school districts will...you get the idea.

Despite my early eagerness to dabble in the world of academia again, I am finding this book completely boring, and a strong example of why I really never want to go back to college for another degree. Ever.

Sigh. But if I want to teach here I must pass this test, and if I want to pass this test without losing a lot of money, I have to read this book.

So, off I go to read some more. Long live second-language acquisition. woo hoo.

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