What I've Been Creating Lately

Hello, blog friends. I haven't been writing very much the past week at all. In fact, I'm feeling a little rusty word-wise today. Not as rusty as my husband's car, however, but that's another blog post all together. Anyway, I was away from the house and computer quite a bit during the days last week doing this and that.

One thing I was doing last week was sewing on this tote bag:

This bag all started when a new friend from church took me to a quilting store in town. Fortunately I didn't decide to make a new quilt, since I just gave away all of my quilting fabrics (but then got them back in completed-quilt form), but I did find a quilted tote bag pattern. I did as my wise mother advised me and waited a few days to see if I still wanted it, and surprise - I still did! So Gay (my friend) and I went back and got the pattern, and we decided both to get different fabric to make bags together.

I'm not sure how long we thought this process would take before we started it, but it turned out to be three decently-long days of sewing. But at the end we both came out with very cute bags (unfortunately I don't have a picture of hers), and enjoyed spending time together in the process.

I even made mine to have a diet-coke sized pocket on the inside.
They turned out cute enough to for me to want to make one for all my friends and relatives in their favorite colors, but were complex enough for me to want to rest a while before I take that on.

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