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We've got some more good news concerning our Morgantown house. (I started the post this way for my mom, who understandably gets nervous at "mystery" news announcements when we have such a big thing going on in our lives).

Anyway. The house was inspected Sunday, and we got the report of things that need to be changed yesterday (instead of at the end of this week, which is when we were expecting it). There are only a few minor things on the list that they have requested that we fix up, and then we can move on to the next step of closing!
We did go and talk to our Fresno realtor last week to start feeling out the house-buying process here. As you might imagine with the current economy, the Fresno housing market right now is primarily foreclosures and short sales, with a sprinkling of conventional sales in between. The conventional sales in the area we are looking at are priced largely above our budget, so we will most likely want to go with a bank-owned home. This means that we will need to wait until the Morgantown house closes to really do any serious looking, since we will have to have all our financial ducks in a row to even talk to the banks.
But this is fine with me. I am just still so happy that our house is in escrow to begin with, and that everything looks good back east!

Bob  – (5 May 2009 at 14:16)  

Thanks for using headlines that don't stress me out until I read the blog itself. Love, Mom

Barbara  – (5 May 2009 at 14:18)  

Okay, think I've changed the google blogger think so Dad's picture won't appear with my comments.

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