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A few posts ago my friend Jennifer commented and said I should post any scrapbooking I was doing lately. I haven't done any "real" scrapbooking, but I have been working on my "Richest of Fare" art, so I thought I would post about that today. (On a side note, if you go and look and Jennifer's blog, you will see why I immediately wanted to change my blog layout back to two columns like she did , although obviously it would take more than a layout change to make my stuff look like hers - beautiful stuff there.)

As I mentioned before, all of the background squares are made up of scraps that symbolize different thing we try to use to make us happy or satisfied. Actually, they're all things that I personally rely on for satisfaction. Obviously, my things look different than other people's things, but I suppose everyone has their own scraps they could use.

Here are some of my scraps:

Put together, these squares make this background:

When I finally got all the letters on there, it looks like this:

I wasn't planning on matting it at first, and was just going to have a thick black frame around the colored squares. However, once I got it all together I decided it needed a colored mat to give it more impact. Right now it's just glued to the white background until I go and pick a good mat color for it and get it framed nicely.

It's interesting, because Jason commented to me that the letters didn't stand out very much and it was kind of hard to read, and that definitely is true. However, I supposed that's the point, because I think all those other life "scraps" can be pretty distracting.

It's not going to be as much of an "art for beauty" piece as it will be an "art for meaning" piece.

Of course I have my eye on my next fun project, modeled after this. I love anything this woman does, and I always do love starting a new project...

Jen  – (6 May 2009 at 11:53)  

i love it!!! i believe this is the epitome of you and what you create.
and i completely get the letters over the "stuff" is what makes it interesting and causes you to look and dig deeper.
thank you for sharing this @ the mercy of my begging! ;)
and i am glad to hear that everything is progressing with the house here!

Cathy and I miss your incredible artistic talent!
and our family misses your family...have i already mentioned that one before???
take care.

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