Goodbye to Our Yellow Morgantown House

Well, as of about 3:00 Eastern time this afternoon, our Morgantown house ceased to be ours anymore. And while this is what we wanted and have been praying for (for months), it's still a little sad to see the yellow house go. It was a great home for us - our first house, and and held eight years of wonderful memories.

While I couldn't make a slide show of the all the memories, I did make a slide show of the flowers. We were lucky to get a lot of flowers when we bought the house, and then I put in a lot more over the years. Lots of them I started from seed, so they're kind of like my baby plants. Hopefully the new owners will take good care of them.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll start making a plan of the flowers I want to put in at our new Fresno house. But for tonight I'll just enjoy the flowers - and memories - from the place that we left behind.

Bob  – (12 June 2009 at 05:24)  

Love the pictures!

I remember feeling some of the things you are feeling when we left our house in Abilene, and those memories are always with us. But they quickly become some of your less-important memories as you pile up new ones and discover what comes next.

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