A Box with a Past

As Anne and I were unpacking boxes sometime last week, we came across this one:

At first it looks like any other box that has seen a busy life. You know, like the ones that start out at the liquor store, then was sneaked off from the back of the store to carry things, and then perhaps passed around among moving friends. (Everyone knows that liquor boxes are some of the sturdiest, of course.)

However, this one has a more interesting history. I noticed that it was one of the boxes that we used all these many years ago (15, in fact) to send our things to Prague just before we moved there. Here are the markings for that:

Then I noticed that it must have lived tucked away in our Prague apartments somewhere before it was used to hold our things six years later when we moved back to America:

Finally, almost eight years after that it held things for our big move to Fresno:

Wow. That's a whole lot of history for one box (not to mention a huge talent for box storage that I didn't know I had).

I was a little sentimental about the box for a bit, but only for a bit. After I took these pictures, I broke it up and sent it out with the recycling. The truth is that I really don't even want to think about putting a new moving label on this (or any other) box - three plus moves in 15 years is enough for any one box - on any one person, in fact.

Plus, in my mind, it just smells a little bit like turkey.

Bob  – (9 July 2009 at 13:28)  

Actually, didn't that box start out in Abilene? And then got moved to our garage briefly until the grumpy Air Freight man picked it up and put it in his truck? Too bad about the smell - it was almost a historical document.

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