Off to Camp

Well, the boys and I are off to summer camp today for a week of fun and adventure. The camp really starts tomorrow, but since I am a staff-person (teaching pre-campers), we're going up early. Actually, Jericho and I are going up today, and Jason will bring Jacob up tomorrow, since they went to a Yankees/Angels baseball game today in Los Angeles. (I would say I was jealous, but considering that they are driving eight hours in one day to see a baseball game in the hot sun, I am really, really not.)

As a result, I will be away from the blog all week, but I'm sure I will be collecting more adventures to write about. It's funny how you get that way when you're trying to blog regularly. As an example of this, I will leave you with a brief backyard story, high lighting some of the "landscaping" at our new home.

Can you guess what this structure is? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, so the basin at the bottom is a dead giveaway, but it did take me several visits to the house to realize that we had a fountain in our backyard (although at this stage I would call it more of a mosquito breeding facility). When I finally did realize what it was, I discovered that there was a very short-of-breath cherub under all the foliage, trying to get out. Here he is:

Unfortunately for him, he has had to stay that way for quite some time. Every time I passed him, I imagined him gasping, "Help. Can - not (gasp) - breath - with - ivy - on - neck (gasp)." And every time I would reply, "Oh, well, sorry, but I can not rescue you until I get the camera and take your picture first."
So it is with bloggers - we blog about life, but sometimes we live life certain ways so we can blog.

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