A Few Random Thoughts

1. The boys and I are back from our week at Yosemite Bible Camp. We all three had a great time, but returned a little bit worn out and weary. We will be happy to go off again next year, though - it was all a lot of fun.

2. Isn't it interesting that after a few days of temperatures around 110, a high of 100 seems not so bad at all? It's almost cool. It's interesting how this works - that after you experience something to the extreme level, it makes the "normal" level of it much better. For example, when when you feel frustrated that your house is too small, you can just invite a lot of people over, and when they live, voila! Your space feels so spacious!

3. Here's some good and bad news in the furniture world: The good news is that Jason and I just went out and bought several office desks and chairs for our computer room/scrapbooking space. The bad news is that it's all furniture that you have to assemble yourself.

I know that's not much, but it's all I have at the moment, and plus I'm off to take Jacob to his first music lesson - a drum lesson. This should be exciting.

Grace Pendleton –   – (21 July 2009 at 23:23)  

Is it harder to put together than IKEA??? And who is Jacob taking lesson from? Very exciting

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