Having the Swine Flu in the Swine Flu World

Last week I posted that Jericho was sick with a high fever and bad headache, and mentioned how cautiously the doctor's office acted with him when he went in. He ran high fevers both Sunday and Monday night, but improved gradually both days. By Wednesday he was pretty much 100%, and no one else was sick, so we filed that one under our "sicknesses dealt with" category heading and went on with the our daily lives.

This being said, it was a shock on Saturday when the doctor's office called and said that he had tested positive for swine flu. I suppose that I thought that ole' Influenza H1N1 would be a much bigger deal than it was. Then again, he did start the Tamiflu medicine within 24 hours of getting sick, so I'm sure that helped. (On a side note, the medicine didn't cause him to act goofy at all, which was a huge disappointment to his brother.)

So there you go. You just never know.

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