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I have decided recently that modern TV can be a wonderful thing. When we moved to Fresno, we decided to get the "On Demand" package of one of the local cable providers. I have to admit that one of my primary motivations for this was - yes, it's true - football season. I was actually a little sad to think that all the NFL games will start here on the west coast at 10:00 A.M. (right during church time), and that Monday Night Football would begin at 5:00 or so and would end about 8:00 - right when we would be ready to sit down and watch TV. Plus, they will be broadcasting the college games at the break of dawn here, and as someone who loves to have the games on as I go about my fall and winter weekends, that just didn't seem right. So I'm happy about having the ability to record games and watch them when we want to.

Of course, we have also discovered many other benefits of this kind of TV. For example, it's great for reducing the amount of TV the boys watch. Or rather, reducing the amount of complaining they do about the amount of TV they want to watch. No longer do they have the excuse to "just finish this one show", or "watch this new episode". One click of the little red dot button, and it's automatically recorded for a future time. Then they're free to get up and walk the dog or clean their room or something more useful to the whole family. At least that's how I look at it.

The digital cable also gives a whole range of new TV shows to discover, as well. A few nights ago, the boys and I discovered a whole new channel to watch. Our "On Demand" section has a "Get Local" option, and one of those choices is the Pet Channel! Here you can view all kinds of animals that are currently up for adoption at the local shelter. You can see them interacting with people, or playing with their little pet toys and just generally looking cute. In fact, I think this might become our favorite channel. I'm always on the lookout for a friend for our dog Mocha. Plus, who doesn't want to rescue a pet?

Now, if I can just get Jason to watch it...

Bob  – (3 August 2009 at 12:41)  

Love the DVR. Not only can you watch when you want to watch, you can fast forward through the commercials! Sweet.

AnneS. –   – (3 August 2009 at 18:05)  

Maybe would could send Garrett to live with you! You KNOW he would love it---considering how TV deprived he is! lol

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