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Here's my idea of the day, for what it's worth. It has to do with how to cut down the number of cell phones that go off in the middle of church services. Not surprisingly, I came up with this idea this very morning when some one's cute and happy ring tone went off in the middle of church. My idea is that very, very early in service, the powers that be that plan the church services should set one cell phone off for all church-attendees to hear. Perhaps just after the opening prayer. Even better, the person with the opening statement could pause for a moment before the first word is spoken (when all is quiet) to allow this ring to go off. I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but there is nothing like one person being embarrassed by a ringing cell phone to make everyone else reach for theirs to turn them off. Especially when certain people starting thinking of how their own signature ring tone will sound to all the ears around them. If the service started with a planned ring tone, it could then serve as the emotional, anti-embarrassment catalyst for everyone else to grabs theirs. Then there could be a shared moment of the "Hallelujah Cell Phone Turn-Off-Sound Chorus", and then that would be it.

Just an idea.

Grace Pendleton –   – (2 August 2009 at 17:40)  

Oh Julie i just love your thought on this. Halleajuh(I don't think I spell it correctly oh well)Praise God turning off cell event. Uh should we try it!!! Or should everyone just leave the phones in the car or just have a big sign please turn off or silents your cell phone!. Actually I like the song idea better

Bob  – (3 August 2009 at 08:12)  

I think that's a great idea! Easy, effective and to the point.

JWFrame –   – (3 August 2009 at 08:54)  

I think I counted 5 different ring tones yesterday. I was thinking of putting up a "Turn off your phone slide" but I like the phone call idea better.

Anonymous –   – (4 August 2009 at 15:12)  

Good thing texting is quiet. Dawn

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