Sorting Out the Residuals

There's good news and bad news concerning our new home. The good news is that we're really making progress getting settled in the "Large Item" category of Moving In. I have unpacked many, many boxes of the main things that we use regularly - clothes, books, kitchen things, etc. These all have new homes in our new house, although of course they're not all set up exactly how we want them. But they're there, and they're out of boxes.

The bad news is that what is left is lots of little, odd things that don't have a home. Unfortunately, these are not things that fit easy into any obvious place. They're either very random things (such as, say, examples of schoolwork from last year), or excesses of things that need to be put somewhere (such as all the desk supplies from my teacher desk last year when I worked). I'm calling them residuals. I initially was hesitating in this word choice, not knowing whether residual was actually a noun, until I read this from


1. a residual quantity; remainder.

2. Often, residuals. Something that remains to discomfort or disable a person following an illness, injury, operation, or the like; disability: His residuals are a weak heart and light-headedness.

Then I knew this word choice was perfect. My definition would be something like this:

2. Often, residuals. Something that remains to discomfort or disable a person following a relocation or move: Her residuals are strewn all over the house.

I unfortunately do have residuals all over the house and garage, and they are disabling me - at least from thinking clearly enough to get them all put away. It just takes so much mental energy to make new homes for all of these things. I pick up one thing, and while I'm trying to think about where to put it, I see three more things, and my mind jumps to those, and then I'm just not sure about any of it.

Unfortunately, Residual Removal is proving to be a job that requires (at least for me) a lot of concentration. So for now, I am going to do this. I'm going to make a list of five or six groups of things that need a new place to live, and then I'm going to go and lie down and think about where they all can go. I'm going to "think on these things" in a reclining position with my eyes closed, and see what comes to me.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Bob  – (26 August 2009 at 13:08)  

Yes. Some of my most lucid moments are while I am resting. At least they seem so at the time. Somehow either I can't remember my brilliant insights, or they simply don't seem quite so lucid later.

Sandra  – (26 August 2009 at 15:15)  

I do enjoy reading your words as they almost always make me chuckle...and who doesn't need a good "chuckle" every day.

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