Day #2 of Wallpaper Removal

Today was my second day of wallpaper removal. I worked a little more in the kitchen, uncovering more thick layers of goopy wallpaper paste. I also uncovered some secret writing:

Yes, it is so cryptic that it's hard to read. You would think it would say, "Here is where the owner wants that tan wallpaper with red designs that makes you cross eyed when you look at it too long," but really it says, "All walls plain - hold off on border." This is a little confusing, since the wall does have border, but I guess they held off for as long as they could.
Here's some more naked kitchen wall:

When I tired (after a very short time) of the kitchen, I decided to work on the big wall next to the front door. There I discovered a wall that appears to have been painted before the wallpaper was put on! For this, I give the original wallpaperers an official Good Wallpapering Methods Award. This means that the paper is coming off easier, and (more importantly) without all the sticky residue.
Although, as my dad pointed out with his comment yesterday, the stickiness would keep us from ever having to buy any bulletin boards. We could just stick things right up on the wall.
Or...maybe not.

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