Ooohh, Pretty...

Wow, doesn't my wallpaper removal process make the room look pretty? Mmmm hmmm, it does. This is the first section that I have done, and it actually came off easier than I thought it would. That's probably because I have been reading up on wallpaper removal (in order to delay the actual process), and the best methods to try. The top-secret method I finally arrived on involves store-bought spray, the tool that scrapes holes in the wallpaper, and saran wrap. That's all I can tell you.

Unfortunately, the wallpaper here left behind a rather thick layer of white, goopy adhesive. I've tried scraping some of it off, but it's going to take more than that. In fact, it leaves the wall quite sticky, which allows me to do this:



(Below is a closeup of that last "this". Yes, it is an M&M. No, we didn't eat it after we unstuck it.)

And this:

I wondered if the dog would stick, but she just would not cooperate in that experiment.

Let's just hope she doesn't walk too close to it and find out anyway.

Bob  – (22 September 2009 at 19:23)  

LOL! Some people have to buy bulletin boards to put things on. You can just stick it on the wall.

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