Making a (House) List

I'm a big list maker, especially when I begin to feel overwhelmed with tasks, and don't know quite what to accomplish first. Today I am bringing you three items from my current "House" list.

1. Begin Removing Wallpaper: This week I think I am going to tackle some wallpaper. I am especially motivated to get this done by the upcoming visit of my mother-in-law, who is blessed with a)a great feel for interior design, and b)an seemingly unlimited amount of "let's get this project done' energy. Since I really want her to help me paint walls and hang pictures, I need to get some of this wallpaper out of the way. I admit, the mere thought of dealing with it makes me tired. However, since the Wallpaper Museum didn't pan out, I guess I will just have to deal with it myself.

2. Decide What to Do with China Hutch: I believe that I have mentioned the the china hutch and table that the previous owners left. (It was the one that I was trying to push aside when I punched a hole in the living room drywall.) Right now it looks like this:

However, I would really like it to look something like this, or this. I'm sure I can make it look at least a little bit similar to that with some paint and all, but my question is the matching table. I really don't think it would be good to paint that, and if I don't, they won't match. Perhaps I should just paint the hutch black (or maybe barn red?), sell the table on Craig's list, and buy a another table to match the hutch. Hmmm. Worth some thought.

3. Decide What to Do with Ugly Bush: This may make me a bad Californian, but I'm just not liking all of these sculptured bushes and trees that are so prevalent around here. First there was the olive trees (which still looks perpetually alarmed):

Now I'm mulling over the little tree/bush in the front yard that I refer to as the "Flat Top Bush". Here it is:

Well, surely those three things are enough to keep me busy for a long, long time. That being said, I'm going to go decide what wallpaper to attack first. Wish me luck.

Sarah  – (11 October 2009 at 14:05)  

I missed this post somewhere back here -- but I adore your graffiti on your trees. It just reminds me so much of you and all the reasons I love you. I think your home projects are all so ambitious and you seem to be doing so well on them. Keep on!!

Corner Gardener Sue  – (6 March 2010 at 04:26)  

Our dog just checked on me to see why I was laughing and coughing. I clicked on "olive tree" in your sidebar. So, have you posted any updates, but forgot to put the link on them? I agree with you on a natural look for trees and such.

How is your lime tree doing?

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