The Lego Project

Yesterday was another day to work in the garage. At least, the morning was, before it got too hot to be out there. As I mentioned a day or two ago, these kind of projects are a mixed bag of good and bad. The good is getting the garage cleaned out and becoming more and more settled. The bad part is actually having to deal with the things that you clear out of the garage.

One of the big things that falls in the latter (must-deal-with) category are the Legos from the Lego project. (Okay, I am forced to digress here. Why is it that the Blogger spell check doesn't accept "Legos" as a proper spelling? Instead, it suggests "Lego's". I just don't get this at all. Am I missing something in the punctuation world here about apostrophes? Or should I just type "apostrophe's"?)

Anyway, way back last summer the boys and I started a Lego project, where we began to sell off their old Legos on eBay in order to buy a Wii. If you wish, you can read all about that here. After we met the Wii goal, we began toying around with the idea of starting our own Lego store on the Internet to sell loose parts. You may not know this (I did not), but there are sites like Bricklink where people do this very thing. I figured that we could start with our very ample inventory, and then we could scout out yard sales to find old sets and pieces to add in. The boys could help me control the inventory and with processing orders, which would be a good learning experience for them, and perhaps they could even make a small amount of spending money on the side.

With this possible goal in mind, I began assembling a few more sets from the old instructions that we had, and then sorting out our remaining pieces. As a side benefit, I found sorting out all the little plastic pieces quite calming in those crazy, unsure days before and after our move to Fresno. As I have mentioned here before, I really like to sort things. It's just so objective - everything in its little category. Not to mention, I got to organize them in lots of clear plastic containers, which my closest friends can tell you are one of my very favorite things.

Well now, several months later, I am faced with these sorted Legos in the garage, and I have to decide what to do with them. Here are (most) of my containers:

Not only do I have this many (plus a few more plastic shoes boxes with various parts somewhere else), each drawer looks like this:

So, here I am, faced with a decision:

Do I charge ahead with the plan of an on-line Lego business? Should I continue the last of the sorting and start the inventory process?

Do I sell the "store-in-process" on Craig's list or EBay - just as it is?

Do I abandon it and dump all the drawers out in a big Rubbermaid containers for the boys to play with? (Whatever I decide, it most likely won't be this choice.)

At this point, I'm just not really sure. I think I'll go and sort out a few more pieces into their places and think it over.

Barbara  – (10 September 2009 at 11:59)  

Are those boxes in Jacob's room? How are you going to be sure he won't decide to build something and start going through looking for pieces to use and disturb your careful sorting?

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