This past weekend brought us some very pleasant weather, along with some equally pleasant Labor Day plant sales, so off I went on Saturday to buy some flowers. I had a great time filling my shopping basket with all different types. When all was said and done, I ended up with six pots planted, but this is the only picture that turned out well enough to post.

I did feel a little strange buying so many flowers so late in the year, but I suppose there won't be a frost date looming around the corner here like there always was in Morgantown about this time. Hopefully I will get some good life out of these plantings - the way things are going weather-wise here, I'm not expecting any kind of cold weather until at least late October.

Yesterday we (the family) decided that we should consolidate our still-remaining boxes to one side of the garage so that we could pull a car in. Of course, the boys were wailing in protest at this idea, since they have been told that as soon as the garage is cleared out, they can have a ping pong table in there. However, we assured them that this idea met both goals - room for a (fold-up) ping pong table, and a car. Those two activities (parking and playing) will just have to take turns.

As a result, I did some reshuffling of boxes this morning in the garage before it got too hot. Of course, I found several boxes of things that I'm ready to unpack in the house now. This means the garage now looks a little better, while the inside of the house (which had been looking pretty good) looks a little worse. So it is, with unpacking, of course. One step forward, two steps back. Or is that two steps forward, one step back.

I think I'll go with that second one. It's getting there - it just takes awhile.

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