Ready for Some "After" Pictures?

After many days of toil and tribulation, I am finally ready to show some "after" pictures of the house updating. When Carol (Jason's mom) arrived, we focused our efforts on the kitchen, as it was the room where I had made most of the progress taking wallpaper down. Even so, we worked for at least two more full days before we were ready to paint.

Of course, before I show the final result, I have to show just how bad it got.

As you remember, here was the room with wallpaper.

Here are some views of the room wallpaper-free:

It was at this point in the project that I was thinking that there was no way it would ever really look good, even with paint on. There were just too many scraps of wallpaper left, too much adhesive on the walls, and too many gouged places from those late-night, desperate sessions of wallpaper removal.
However, after I got all the paper off, I coated the walls and ceiling with a special sealer to seal the adhesive in and keep it from cracking the paint that would go on later. Jason sanded the surfaces down, and then I added a layer of primer. Once I did this and covered up any hint of wallpaper remnants, it immediately began to look better.
Here's the "primed" look:

Here, finally, (drum roll, please) is the painted and finished look.

Of course, we need to put the blinds back up, and I need to make and hang the curtains, and perhaps pick up all the clutter left over from the job...but overall, I'm pretty pleased.
Now, for the other rooms of the house...

Bob  – (8 October 2009 at 16:08)  

Oh yeah!!! That's so good to see - especially after all that hard work. I know it gives you a boost.

Sarah  – (8 October 2009 at 19:12)  

Julie, that is AMAZING!! Looks AWESOME! With you, I confess I had my doubts! Wow - that really looks great!

AnneS. –   – (10 October 2009 at 07:23)  

Julie, it's beautiful! It looks like your yellow dining room in Morgantown. On to the next great project!!

Corner Gardener Sue  – (6 March 2010 at 04:38)  

I enjoyed your before and after posts, and now, I need to get busy. We are not handy like you, and are going to have our small kitchen remodeled in a week and a half. I am in the process of taking things out of cupboards and getting rid of what I can part with. It is very difficult for me.

I think the color of your kitchen is very close to what we picked out, but I don't remember for sure what we picked out. It sure looks nice in your kitchen.

I love the changes you made to your hutch.

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