Okay, Umm...No

Okay, so there I am this morning trying to work out at the gym. I say "trying" because I've become very sporadic in my gym attendance lately, so unfortunately there is so much time between visits that every time I go it's kind of like starting all over again.

But I was there this morning, and as usual, I had my headphones on, but kept an eye on the six or seven TV channels up there in front of me. I was actually running, which of course can prove to be quite hard and can make you feel quite light headed to begin with. But then, on one of the TVs, I saw this story with many pictures of a woman who had a pine tree branch sticking all the way though her neck! I tell you, I about went down right there. Suddenly it was all about even deeper breaths and keeping my eyes - away - from - that -TV - screen. I seriously looked around to see if anyone else was having trouble with it, but everyone else looked fine.

From what I could gather here at home from the Internet, this woman was a passenger in a pickup with her husband, when the tree branch somehow broke through the truck window and - impaled her. From my horrified microglances at the TV, I thought based on what she was wearing that perhaps she had been running and somehow ran into the tree branch, and was kind of proud of her for running so fast, but of course, not very proud of her navigational skills. But it turns out to be a vehicular injury of sorts. All I know is that she was conscious with the branch in there, had surgery, and now has a very big scar. That's all I could handle. You can google it if you want to, but I'm not sending you there. Ewwww.

I was finally glad when the show moved away from the Woman Impaled By Pine Branch and moved on...until they started showing some form of magnetic-type liposuction and had this big tray of fat that they doctor moved around...

Really? Are there no filters for these kind of things? It's enough to make one want to run with their eyes closed...but not outside of course...and certainly not in the forest...

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