The Good Job News

In deference to my mother's wishes (from her comments on yesterday's post), I will today share my good job news with you. Well, at least the current status of my job news.

As most of you know, I have been unemployed since we moved to Fresno. In most ways, that has been just wonderful. I have loved the flexibility to be available to get the boys set up in school. I have become more familiar with our new church family through different daytime events. I very much enjoy the home projects that I get to work on. Plus, there is just a huge part of me who wants to somehow be able to stay home and contribute to our family's finances doing something creative - like my beautiful friend Jennifer has done.

However, all of those things don't pay the bills, at least at this point. So I have been doing some very sporadic subbing here and there, and now I think I have actually found a real job. Monday morning I interviewed for a pre-k job in a local school district (not the one that didn't want me after I couldn't pass their tricky entrance exam - the other one). This is a part-time job, since the pre-k classes are only half day. The current teacher is leaving the position, and they need someone to step in.

I have to admit, it's sounding about perfect for me. There are 16 prekindergarteners with three adults in the classroom (a teacher-directer which would be me, a co-teacher, and a teacher's aide). We would be doing those fun pre-k things that I love, like learning about seasons and singing songs and reading lots of books. Plus, it's only 19.5 hours a week, so I will still have the afternoons to do other things.

The child development people have recommended me on to the principal of the specific school, so tomorrow I'm going to interview with her. The way things look now, as long as she doesn't ask me puzzling questions such as, "Please answer only whether you agree or disagree: Are you sorry that you ate the cookies out of those children's lunches back at your other job?", I think I'll have a new job. (Go ahead, try to answer it with an agree or disagree. I tell you, you're trapped, either way.)

Good news, indeed.

AnneS –   – (9 December 2009 at 16:58)  

The job sounds wonderful--you would be perfect for it! I hope it works out for you. Now, about those cookies.............

Jen  – (10 December 2009 at 06:56)  

i tried to comment yesterday to no avail...
i love reading your blog.
i hope you get the job.
what was your cookie answer?
did you really have to answer a question like that?

take care.
lucky you for getting to watch the Mounties play in Anaheim!!

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