Okay, So...

Okay, so I've been feeling a little bit harried today. (Which by no means is the same things as feeling hairy - although feeling hairy can also be a very negative feeling.) I was needing to be at the eye doctor at 9, and then was due at Ladies' Bible Study at 9:45. Before I left the house I had to type up and print out the invitation and map for all the Bible Study ladies to come to our house next week for the Christmas luncheon. At the same time, I was feeling a little guilty for not showing pictures of the neighbor's house as promised here on the blog. I also was a little worried about not yet getting the call I was expecting concerning a job interview I had yesterday morning. (More about that later).

I got through the eye doctor appointment (yep, need bifocals), and the Bible study (that Beth Moore has great hair and all, but when she gets worked up she can really shout). I also got the interview call I was expecting. (Good news, but more about that later). After that it was pizza lunch with the Study ladies. That was nice, but I was still fretting over things that needed to be done, and what activities the boys have this week that I really need to write on the calendar, and where I was going to buy the table I need for the front hallway...

To top it all off, as I was walking out of a furniture store a little later, I suddenly realized that I could not find my phone. I had been sitting in the car for a few minutes talking to Jason's mom, and slowly the panic grew as I looked through every pocket of my purse, and then my big bag, but could not find it anywhere. I was just on the edge of telling her that I had to hang up and retrace my path to find my phone, when I suddenly remembered that the last time I had seen my phone was in the store, when I got a phone call...from Jason's mom...who I was talking to at that very moment. Sigh. Then I had to admit all that silliness to her, and then we both laughed.

There's no deep moral to this story except for how funny it all was, and how glad I actually did have my phone.

Some days are just like that.

Barbara  – (8 December 2009 at 19:40)  

I did that one day -- wandered all over the house looking every possible place for my phone only to realize that I was talking on my phone while searching for it. Sure makes you feel a little dumb, doesn't it?

Barbara  – (8 December 2009 at 19:41)  

I can wait to see the neighborhood Christmas pictures, but am anxious to hear the good news about the job.

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