Nothing Like A Good Deadline

You know, there's nothing like a deadline to get one motivated to get some things done. Like, say, having twenty or so people over to your house. Which I am going to do this upcoming Tuesday, when the Ladies Bible Class and the church staff come over for lunch.

As a result, I am in high speed trying to get things all ready for their arrival. Of course, I'm not worrying about the whole house, but instead I am trying to complete all the projects I've already started. Such as painting my new hallway table and the china cabinet, and perhaps painting the hallway bathroom if I get really ambitious (and don't want to sleep much between now and then).

One thing I did get done was a little upgrading of our bookshelves in the living room. The backs of them were looking a little stark, as you can see here:

Here they are after I covered the backs with fabric.

Of course, these before and after pictures are not quite fair. It's kind of like how they do before and after pictures of people when they do makeover-type things to them - in the first picture they are always completely makeup-free, their hair is a mess, and they are usually frowning. So, I suppose above it the picture of my frowning (unset up) bookshelf.

It's a funny thing about those bookshelves. After I bought our other shelf units off Craig's List (seen below), I thought I would have enough bookshelf space for all of our books (including my numerous kids' books). I went out to the garage and brought in the book boxes, and after I upgraded these shelves, I filled them right up. I kept the bigger shelf units for the "regular" books, and then used the upgraded ones for the kids' books. And they all fit in!

But then I was in the garage a while later and noticed some other boxes in there that I hadn't really paid attention to before. And yes, they were all children's books - about 5 boxes of them. (I must have developed selective vision where these were concerned.) So today we got another bookshelf to put at the end of our hallway. It was either that, or give some books away, and since I'm now officially an employed preschool teacher, I chose the "more bookshelves" option.

So now I'm off to assemble the new bookshelf...the time's ticking down to that luncheon on Tuesday...

Bob  – (11 December 2009 at 21:39)  

Wow. Who would stick you with that many boxes of kids books?

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