Some Serious Vision Sympathy

I have recently been experiencing some serious sympathy for people who have impaired vision. Especially for people who might experience a sudden onset of vision problems. Because you know, for someone used to seeing, seeing is about everything.

Ironically, this new sympathy comes not from any diminishment in my vision, but instead from some intended vision improvement from my new bifocal glasses picked up this past Friday. Actually, Jason says I shouldn't call them bifocals because they don't have that pesky little line, and are technically called "progressive lenses". However, "bifocals" are much more identifiable to people that I talk to, and plus, after those first moments when they are secretly thinking how old I am, I think they then show me more sympathy just because of the word. "Oooh, bifocals," they say. "Yes, I see." Besides, "progressifocals" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

In short, I just can't see very well with these things. If I am looking at one thing for an extended period of time, such as this computer screen in front of me, I do fine. But if I move about and want to look at a range of things (such as the rest of the world besides this computer screen), I have a horrible time trying to find the right spot to look through in the lenses.

As a result, I am always moving my head up and down to find the right magnification of the lenses to clarify whatever it is I want to see. I am trying to convince myself this general head nodding makes me look wise and perhaps even on the edge of astute, especially if I purse my lips thoughtfully. Unfortunately, I think the truth falls somewhere more into the category of "bobblehead" status.

Alas, it is true that I'm getting old to need such corrective lenses. On the bright side, however, this current decrease in vision is temporary. In fact, my like-visioned friends tell me that although it could take several weeks to get used to them, on the other side of the vision-annoyance mountain is better sight.

Another advantage of this current situation is that because it makes it so difficult to look all around, it gives me a little more reason to wait on some pressing home jobs, such as cleaning out the garage. It's just too hard to see out there. It's almost like a medical reason to procrastinate...sort of.

Plus, I think the new glasses look okay. At least as far as I can tell...I'm sure that if I took the time to nod my head repeatedly just so until I find the right spot and then peered through them carefully without moving, I could see in the mirror that they look just fine.

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