I'm Not Finding Any Instructions on This...

You know, as I have worked on various home projects over the past few months, I have discovered a wealth of how-to information available on the Internet. From the ever-so-helpful "Stripping Wallpaper - Now it is Easy!" page, to sites that show you how to build furniture like you see in your favorite catalogs, it's out there. (I keep that "Stripping Wallpaper is Easy" site on my "favorites" list so I can just get a good chuckle from time to time as I scroll by it looking for something else).

However, on all the how-to sites out there, I haven't found anything to help with this problem:

No, no, the problem is not that I have an outdated, white-on-the-verge-of-dingy-yellow microwave. There's a problem with the door of the microwave. Look closely below:

See that little dot on the door circled in red? Any guesses on what that is?
If you guessed "bug", you guessed correctly. It's a bug. A bug that somehow got into the microwave before we moved in, presumably frolicked around in the microwave innards, and then, once someone turned the unit on, hopefully died a slow and painful death by way of micro waves. Unfortunately, he didn't have sense enough in his death throes to exit the microwave, or even die hidden out of sight somewhere in the inner parts. Instead, he crawled with his last bug breaths and wedged himself between the glass and the door in sight of all.
And there he is, trapped and very dead.

Here. At the risk of keeping any of you from ever wanting to eat microwave popcorn at my house again, I will show you a close up:

I know - gross! And are those surplus little antennae or perhaps legs on the left there that he shed on the way to his death? Yep - Ewww!

So now you see the problem. Nowhere on the Internet does it say how to remove a dead bug from the front of your microwave door. Which leaves me with these possibilities:

b)new microwave
c)cute sticker placed over his dead bug carcass

Knowing that options "a" and "b" are probably out for us at this time, I'm a little stuck. Of course there's always spray paint...

Any votes out there? What would you do?

Sandra  – (21 January 2010 at 11:05)  

ummm...eewwwww. That's just plain icky. Microwaves are cheap. Really. Very cheap. Maybe we could show that close up on the big screen Sunday and have a "special contribution"?

Carolyn –   – (21 January 2010 at 14:20)  

Sandra is so kind and thoughtful. I was thinking more along the lines of perfecting your home comedy routine. You know, a modified version of the old joke:
Customer: " Waiter, what is this fly doing in my coffee?"
Waiter: (adjusting his glasses on the end of his nose) "Well, sir, the backstroke, I believe!"

Jason  – (21 January 2010 at 14:42)  

This microwave is somehow integrated with the over. So I don't know how cheap a replacement would actually be. Plus, it seems to work just fine.

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