More About Bugs in A Microwave

You know, yesterday I posted about our resident dead bug stuck in the microwave door, saying that there were no how-to instructions on the Internet explaining how to get it out. This morning I got to thinking that you know, I really didn't check the Internet for how-to advice - I just assumed this wouldn't be covered.

So a few minutes ago I did google "bug stuck in microwave oven door" and several variations of the same. And voila! - there was nothing there. Well, there was plenty there about bugs and microwaves, but nothing about how to remove a dead bug that is stuck in the door.

Here are some things I did learn:

How to kill a bug that is alive and crawling around in the inner parts of your microwave. Or how to open the main part of your microwave and remove bugs hiding there.

How using your microwave can kill bugs in your microwave, but only bugs of the bacterial kind.

Real bugs actually seem to know how to avoid micro waves and can survive in there even through long popcorn poppings and other various cooking events.

Yep, pretty gross alright. But informative.

As for our little carcass/decoration, I think I'm going to have to go with a sticker. Or perhaps just a piece of masking tape with a happy, non-bug picture drawn on it. One or the other.

Tannon  – (23 January 2010 at 09:26)  

Chase thinks the bug is cool!

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