More Random Thoughts

Here are some more-than-random, excessively-hyphened thoughts for this Tuesday morning:

1.  One should be aware that if one posts one's thoughts of not-being-sure-of-what-to-be-doing-with-one's-days-because-one-just-doesn't-know-what-to-do-with-oneself on a public forum, that someone will certainly call one up and suggest a big project that one could take over.  Guaranteed to happen.

2.  And here is my football question for the week:  What would America cheer more for - the Saints overcoming their rise-from-the-hurricane-ridden-past to go on to a Super Bowl victory, or the Saints (and the Colts) allowing letting Brett Favre take his team to go to a Super Bowl victory so that he'll be able to call it quits - definitively.  Bless his heart, I think he just needs to be done already.

3. On a nighttime note, I have been having a lot of very strange dreams lately.  One would hope that in my current indecisive state that these dreams might be a sign for what I should be doing, but instead I think they are just after-effects of too much late-night caffeine and/or sugar.  I used to be almost proud of the fact that I could drink my Diet Coke mere minutes before bed and go right to sleep, but then I figured out that the more caffeine or sugar I take in at night, the stranger my dreams are.  In fact, I think ingesting either of these things after seven at night without fail guarantees me an all-inclusive free pass on the "Strange Dreams Night Bus".    Except that first the bus travels all through my past and gets one or two random people from all phases of my life and brings them along too.  Then we all travel somewhere and do something bizarre together.  So I've got elementary school friends, former high school Youth groups members, college classmates, Prague friends, Morgantown students, and new Fresno friends, all hanging out together.  Last dream we were all getting our marching band picture taken in front of my old high school.   Yep, need to seriously cut down on all of that.

4.  That's about it for me.  I'm off to do my Tuesday "Work Before Fun" jobs, and then start sanding my future hallway shelves - pictures and posts soon to follow.

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