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Ah, what to write about now that the bug trauma is now over? As I told someone at church yesterday, those three posts alone will probably seriously cut down on the amount of entertaining we will have to do in the near future. There's nothing like showing pictures of bugs in your microwave to cut those RSVPs down to a minimum.

I have to admit that I'm facing the week ahead with an unfortunate dose of indecision and - malaise, really. (Here's a great definition of malaise from dictionary.com, and I'd like to go with definition #2, please:

ma⋅laise  /mæˈleɪz, -mə-; Fr. maˈlɛz/

 1. a condition of general bodily weakness or discomfort, often marking the onset of a disease.
2. a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort.

It's just that I'm not really sure what to do with myself these days. I don't have any big projects going on, or work plans, or...anything, really. I suppose this would be a good time to do something new and exciting - pursue some dream or big goal for myself.  However, I am finding it hard to envision just what I might pursue, or how to go about anything new that I would want to do, anyway. It's enough to make me want to take up with paint again. I suppose that's how some of those breakups are - once you realize how boring your life is without someone, you want them back just so you'll have somewhere to go and something to do once in awhile.

So perhaps I should tackle a new room. Or at least paint the shelves that I have planned for the front hallway.  Or start volunteering somewhere. 
I'm just not sure, really...

Barbara  – (25 January 2010 at 14:47)  

I thought of you. One of my young friends posted on facebook: people, please, please ALWAYS prime a wall before you paper it! Guess she's trying to remove some paper.

AnneS –   – (25 January 2010 at 18:14)  

How about a new scrapbooking project. You definitely have lots of creativity in that department! Or maybe a trip to WV to visit! Guess Jason would think the scrapbooking project was cheaper--oh well, it was worth a shot! lol

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