The New Mosaic Project

A few days ago I mentioned that I am working on a new mosaic project. This new project began with some thinking I was doing a few months ago concerning Bible class curriculum and Bible stories. From that point I started thinking about Bible time lines, and how useful it can be for children to use time lines to better understand the "big picture" of the Bible. From there I jumped to, "Wouldn't it be cool to do a Bible timeline in mosaic pictures?"

Several months later, here we are bringing these ideas to life. The plan is to take some of the major stories from the Bible and represent them in mosaic form. Then these individual stories will be mounted in a row in the "children's classroom" hallway at church, like a huge filmstrip. Then the kids can look at it and reference it as a teaching tool as they learn different Bible stories in their classes.

As an added bonus, the students who help make the mosaic pictures get to take part in creating something lasting for the church building. In this case, we are starting this project with the sixth graders, since they are studying their way through the Old Testament right now. (Not to mention that they're one of the groups of children that I trust the most with sharp pieces of glass.)

This last week we started with six Bible stories from Genesis. We are drawing the stories on pieces of plywood, and the students are gluing pieces of glass on the pictures, to be grouted later.

Here are the stories we are starting with:

Some will be easier to fill in with glass than others, but I think everyone is excited about it.  We plan to work more on these stories tomorrow night at church, and then perhaps I'll have some pictures of the "work in progress".

pat  – (20 January 2010 at 13:17)  

This is a really neat project. Like the idea and the great pictures.

Anonymous –   – (14 February 2010 at 11:33)  

Julie, I like your pictures. We may start one at church starting with scenes from Jesus passion, death, burial, resurrection etc. We need to talk! I have a new art! Think about combining all your scrapbooking talents and mosaics at the same time! Can you give me the website where you got the mosaic pics again?

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