Random Wednesday Thoughts

Here are a few random thoughts for today:

1. Rainy weather is wonderful stay-at-home weather. We're in about Day 3 of a rainy stretch, and it's so nice here at home with the lamps on and everything warm and cozy. Of course at the same time, things look like they might reach flood status in some select areas of town. Plus, I'm hearing lots of sirens from the nearby police/fire station, so perhaps on the outside - not so much.

2. Of course, at some point one must venture out in the rain. Jericho has a basketball game this afternoon, and then of course we have church tonight. Jason said that we might have a low attendance tonight because of the weather. Rain is so uncommon here that I wonder if it has the same effect that icy weather does in Texas - people just would rather not mess with it.

3. That being said, I'm wondering if I should drive the block over to the school to pick up Jacob after school, or let him scooter home in it. Sometimes (being 11), he doesn't mind at all getting wet, but today might be the exception. Hmmm. Not sure about that one.

4. My "Work Before Fun" non-resolution is working out pretty well, at least house-wise. However, days like yesterday can be challenging. I went to Ladies Bible Class in the morning, and the pre-Bible class hours were taken up with (yes, it's true) finishing my lesson, despite having weeks to do just that. After Bible study I went with my friend Gay to run some errands, and then picked up Jericho and Fred (his french horn). Then it was grocery store time and then I did my daily jobs, and then it was dinner, and then I thought I had an hour to work at my scrapbook desk after dinner, but then someone needed homework help, and then there were papers to sign, and backpacks to go through...by the end of it I found myself feeling a little...resentful. Ah, the precarious balance of things like that. Not easy to find at all.

5. Okay, I've decided to go and pick Jacob up regardless of his 11-year old feelings, so off I must go through the rain.

6. Oops. I was too late. It turns out that 11-year olds sometimes do mind if they have to scooter through the rain. It's that precarious balance again...

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