More Red

Well, this is what I looked like this morning when I woke up (except for the smiling part):

Yes, pink eye it is. In fact, the doctor gave me the "Pink Eye of the Week" award, since both eyes were so amazingly red. And in such a short time, too. Everything was fine until after dinner last night when they started to get itchy.

Of course, I had to go into the doctor's office for them to see that I actually had pink eye before they could give me a prescription. I of course can understand the wisdom in this rule, but you would think that with all the digital imagery we have these days that one could show your doctor your pink eye symptoms without having to actually go in. I guess I could have sent him a photograph, or perhaps looked really wide-eyed at the webcam on my netbook. Or I could have just sent him a copy of the image above, which so accurately shows my symptoms.

But now I'm home with my eye drops and warm washcloths to put on my eyes. I had a nice nap on the Big Comfy Brown Couch today, which was nice.

Unfortunately this eye ailment means that I couldn't sub for my little preschool class today, and the supervisor went ahead and got a sub for tomorrow, too. I'm kind of bummed out about the loss of these two days, but as they say, it is what it is.

Perhaps I'll make it there on Friday for the Valentine's Day party.

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