Ah, For Something Clever and Witty to Write...

I am just coming up dry with the blog ideas lately. There's nothing but everyday news around here, folks. And it's just so - everyday.

I am still suffering with extreme jealousy that my West Virginia friends are getting so much snow. I heard they were expecting even more today, and perhaps would be out of school all week (and haven't had school since last Thursday). Yes, you can tell me how hard it is to drive in, to shovel, to see over when it's stacked up in parking lots, but I'm still just green with envy.

I thought I would console myself with looking at the far-off snow on our mountains here, but alas, they are covered in clouds. Plus, it has been raining all day. The pre-k class I am subbing for all this week didn't even get to go outside this morning. They got a Disney sing-along video, instead.

The rain will almost certainly cancel Jacob's first baseball practice today. Much to our surprise, he came home last week and announced that he had signed up for the school baseball team. He's had some trouble with sports here, so I was almost shocked by this. However, I am calmly hopeful that this will work out for him, in a detached, God-is-in-control kind of way. Once he gets placed on a team he can not quit, according to school rules, so I'll be kind of glad when that point comes. Right now it's looking like that point will come tomorrow or later.

I have several days of "Work Before Fun" jobs to get to today before any fun is had around here. I definitely don't do as well on the weekends, and of course yesterday was a holiday...

However, I have one hour before I have to leave to pick up Jericho from school and take him to the dentist. Ready, set...go!

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