Way Down Distraction Road

Okay, I've spent way too long this morning traveling down Distraction Road researching new and exciting ways to change the design of my blog around. There are just so many options out there...

But then I stumbled and tripped over a few "change your blog yourself" websites and flailed around embarrassingly to keep myself from falling - and while I was glancing around to make sure that no one saw me, I remembered that the point of blogging is actually writing something...so here I am.

Today is actually a good day to poke around on websites, since five out of the six people who are currently sleeping at our house right now are home for the day. I'm home not subbing today, and my parents are here visiting until tomorrow. Jason and Jericho are both home sick, which makes five total.

Trust me, #6 is not happy about this. He came in our room early this morning coughing and moaning that he didn't feel well, but I could tell it was mostly official Envy Coughing brought about by the rest of us staying home. I sent him off to school with the promise that if he still felt bad once he got to school, he could go to the nurse and I would come and get him, but I haven't heard from him since. So, I suppose the Official Envy was diluted a bit by the school day, and the pure joy that sixth-grade learning brings. Or something like that.

On a completely different note, my mom and I found the funniest Easter cards at Target today. The website of the artist is www.inheritthemirth.com, and here are some great samples. Yes, we were laughing out loud for all to hear in Target today.

I guess it's good that #6 doesn't know that we're having so much fun today - or he'll feel really sick tomorrow...

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