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Well, earlier this week I found myself subbing very close to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, so after I got done with the wee preschoolers I stopped by there to see what interesting things they had.  I've only been there once before actually, and that was the day that I got the moldings to make my hallway shelves and the sports ball shelves.  I was planning a trip back only after I used everything I bought there on that first trip, and I do have one remaining piece of long molding left.  However, I was so close, and I just wanted to stop by for a minute...

As before, they had all kinds of interesting things there.  I thought I had found some wooden blinds to use in Jericho's room (which still only has a blanket for a curtain), but they were a little bit too wide.  I gazed for a long while at all of the old doors that they had, and I actually considered buying a different door ($10) to use for the door project I've been thinking about.  My door is just not flat enough to make the project a no-brainer, and I just can't wrap my mind around how carry it out with the window and the inset "tray" part of the door.

However, I did not buy a new door, and instead got this:

Actually, I guess it is a door, but just a cabinet door.  It's about four feet tall, and is solid wood.  The fact that it is beat up and has paint on it doesn't bother me at all.  (Actually, I have just assumed it was paint, but here in the picture it kind of looks like - well - blood.  Like perhaps the cabinet was the site of a gruesome cabinet accident where the victim was trying to get back to his feet, grasping on to the door and instead slid down to the floor...ewww.  Nope, I think it's paint, and now we're moving on from that grisly mental picture.)

What am I going to do with my $2, thankfully-not-from-a-crime-scene cabinet door?  Well, I'm going to use it for this idea, and either make a list of the streets that our family has lived on, or perhaps a list of subway stops on our yellow metro line in Prague. 

I am still planning on painting the verse on the big door, just...later.

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