The Breadcrumb Trail

Well, now that you know the whole truth about my inability to hold onto my possessions when I go places, I can tell you about my morning yesterday.  I was subbing at a school across town in the morning, and I had a few extra minutes after I dropped Jericho off and before I needed to be there.   So I just made my wandering path on the way, picking things up from where I had left them last week - a jacket at one school, and then another (not red) coffee mug at another.   I did not, however, go back for the disposable Starbucks cup that I left on the counter at a school this week, nor later did I go back for my 3/4s full (disposable) water bottle that I left on the counter of the school yesterday.

It's kind of like a trail of bread crumbs, really.  You know, kind of in the way that trails of bread crumbs are not at all helpful - except perhaps to those teachers who benefit by the way of new coffee mugs.  I suppose one good way to look at it is that I am keeping myself fresh on the minds of those teachers, and perhaps it will somehow trigger them to call me again.   Then again, I am keeping myself fresh on the minds of those teachers as - well, horribly disorganized, and chronically unable to take care of my possessions.

Ah, well.  Today I am not subbing (taking the day off), and therefore wil be unable to leave anything at any school.   

Then again, I do have a curriculum meeting at church this afternoon...

Corner Gardener Sue  – (6 March 2010 at 04:12)  

Hi Julie,
I came to see your blog after seeing your comment on plantlady's blog. I had to laugh, because I also leave things here and there. I have substitute taught before, but have been a paraeducator for quite some time. I had to go back to my car for my name tag the other day. I was just glad it had fallen out of my bag there, and not at home. I put my work keys on it awhile back after someone suggested that as a way to keep track of them.

When you clean at home do you get sidetracked by taking something to another room, then working in that room until something takes you to another like I do?

I love Isaiah 55, by the way.


Corner Gardener Sue  – (6 March 2010 at 04:13)  

I wasn't signed in yet when I left the comment, so I'm filling out another comment so I can subscribe to follow up comments.

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