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I checked out my new gym this morning. One day last month I dragged myself to my old gym to discover that it had been closed. This was obviously unexpected, as there were many regular gym attenders (more regular, and thus more fit than me) standing around being vocally very unhappy about this. I tried to be unhappy about this, but in truth, I was not. In fact, I suddenly found myself very relieved (almost giddy) that the Must-Go-To-the-Gym pressure was no longer constantly with me, and went on my merry way. (It helped my happiness that I only had a few weeks left on my membership, whereas some people lost a lot of money.)

Despite that fact that I felt free and pressureless again, it soon began to nag at me that I really needed to be working out, so I checked out another local place. When Jason also showed interest in joining, we signed up, and today was my first day there.

It seems like a nice place. I used a little different elliptical machine than I'm used to, and despite the fact that the instructions seemed to be in Dutch (or perhaps German), I managed just fine. I felt like there were more "real" people working out at the this gym, as opposed to the all the "beautiful" people at the old gym. You know, the beautiful, affluent people. Not that I have anything against beautiful, affluent people, but in general I am more comfortable about real people.

After I got home, Jason told me that he saw in the paper this week that the old gym had opened up again. Hopefully the members over there got their money back.

I think I'll stick with the new place. It fits me a little better. Now, if I can just avoid that great albatross of gym pressure and instead enjoy going...that's the trick, isn't it?

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Corner Gardener Sue  – (6 March 2010 at 04:17)  

I enjoyed your humor. I exercise for awhile and love the feeling of being fit, but then I get sick, or things come up, and I get out of it. I have found it easier to work out at home doing aerobics and free weights. I don't like the drive time to a gym, but maybe I'd be more consistent if I joined one.

I'm glad you found one with real people.

Noelle  – (6 March 2010 at 08:43)  

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for your kind comments about pruning. It is a pet peeve of mine ;^) I am honored that you want to provide a link to my blog. Thank you! Maybe it will help others refrain for making those mistakes. One can only hope....

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