More Mosaic Pictures

We finally have three of the mosaic boards completely done.  Well, except for the few pieces that just fell off when I was moving them to take the pictures...ah, well.

Now, just remember when you see these that this first group was my "trial run", meaning that I learned several things not to do in the process, and ending up filling in a lot of the pictures myself.  I expect (and hope) the next batch to come out much more child-created.

Anyway, here they are:

 Note to self for future:  Do not use clear glass, because when you do, the background lines show right through, and to avoid seeing these, you have to take a lot of the ark off and do it over...The raindrops are mirrored pieces.

 I thought it was kind of funny how Adam came out looking a little worried...  I had to make a special trip to the glass store for the serpent's color...He had to be both beautiful and wicked at the same time...Someone else decided that Eve should definitely have red hair - it wasn't me, and I'll never tell...

I got a little carried away on the faces on this one...

Obviously, they are not grouted, but my wonderful new mosaic-making friend Estela said she would do that part.  We're thinking about a darker grout, perhaps a dark gray?

Bob  – (15 March 2010 at 13:05)  

Oh, yes. I think these are great!

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