While I Was Away

Here are the things that have been happening while I was on my Official Blog Break last week:

1. I did one half-day preschool subbing job last week, and then three days in one kindergarten class.  I must admit that I really loved being in one (pre-known) classroom for three days, and it reminded me how much I really do enjoy teaching on a regular basis. 

2. We attended two school Open Houses, including one that had a one-hour session about registering Jericho for high school.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  I'm mentally and emotionally moving on now.

3. Jericho started practicing with a spring basketball league that turned out poorly when he did not get chosen for the main team, as one of the newest (and perhaps smallest) players.  That's all I'm going to say about that, too (as reread this blog post and take another sip from my "Whatever" mug).

4. We welcomed Jason's parents for a visit on Saturday.  Unfortunately, preparing for this visit showed me what happens when you let your "Work Before Fun" routine slip in the week or so before their visit.  Sigh.

5. I've been enjoying our wonderful Spring weather by planting some flower seeds in their little yogurt cups.  This was after I went to Lowe's and realized that I want flowers everywhere in our yard.  Flowers can be expensive, you know - well, especially in such desired mass quantity.

6.  I've been up to my neck in planning Acts curriculum as we get ready for our upcoming Acts Onslaught at church.  We're not actually going to call it that, but we are going to immerse ourselves in the book, starting in April and ending just after Labor Day, including VBS and Summer Camp.  I'm in charge of the Wednesday night classes.  Anyone want to teach preschoolers - first graders on Wednesday night?

7.  We started Spring Break.  Hurray!

7.  Of course, we have loved watching the Mountaineers win their way into the NCAA Final Four.  We have big hopes for the upcoming weekend.  Let's go Mountaineers!

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