One Has to Wonder If One's Mind is in the Right Place...

Today I spent considerable time at the dentist's office while the boys were getting various things done to their teeth.  As I was standing at the counter paying large amounts of money checking out, one of the dental hygienists came up to me.  She had cleaned my own teeth not long ago, and during that recent visit we had as much of a catch up conversation as one can have with someone's fingers in one's mouth.  As a result, I wasn't too surprised when she asked, "Are you excited about the weekend?"

"Oh, yes," I answered, thinking about the (potentially) two Mountaineer games this coming weekend in the NCAA Tournament.  "We're very excited."

"Yes, Easter is a wonderful time," she answered.

Oh, rightEaster.  That's what I meant, of course.  Easter.

Angel  – (30 March 2010 at 19:09)  

Sadly, I would have said, "Yes! I am excited because nothing is happening this weekend!" Amos is doing his best to not let me forget Easter is coming. As for Jericho and High School...You aren't really going to let him grow up are you? I about fell out of my chair when you said those two things together!

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