Yosemite Visit

Well, we took Jason's parents up to Yosemite yesterday to show them around and to see what we could see.  Unfortunately, as it turns out, we couldn't see much at all. 

You see, yesterday was one of the 10 days that it rains in this part of California, and so it was very wet and foggy, and actually quite miserable to walk around in.

In fact, this is what you normally see when you first come into the Yosemite valley:

But yesterday, we got this...

...but with the boys bundled in winter clothes and all wet.  (Oh, and without the blue patches in the background - I got tired of spray painting.)

Regardless, we still managed to enjoy our day out.  It's just a shame to be in such a beautiful place and not be able to see it. 

 I'm sure there's a sermon/separate blog post in that thought somewhere...but I just can't see it...:)

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