Yard Sale Finds

*Author's note:  Yes, I did press (and hang) Jacob's curtains yesterday, and I also fixed the wrong chapter date on the mosaic piece.  And yes, I am going to tell the Barcelona story without the picture.  However, after my long day of subbing for chatty and very energetic first graders today, I am first going to try again on my "yard sale-ing" post:

Inspired by not one, but two stay-at-home days at the end of last week, I felt caught up enough on most things to want to do a little yard sale-ing on Saturday morning.

The first stop was at a house in our neighborhood, and it just had a sprinkling of things. However, I did find this old light fixture for $1, and think it has huge "fix up" potential.

Here it is up against the brink on the back porch.  Perhaps I'll hang it up out there:

The second place I went was an estate sale, and it was in this farmhouse just full of fascinating old things.  Most of them were valuable antiques and china and things that I wasn't interested in (or couldn't/didn't want to pay for). However, I did find a couple of treasures:

 This caught my eye first.  They said it is an old tripod (for a camera), but Jason says it's most likely surveying equipment.  Either way, I needed something for some flowering vines to grow up/down, and I think this is the perfect thing.

 I found this old crock for $8, and want to put plants in it.

I got two old wooden boxes.  One is this small size (for $3)...

...and this large one was $6.  (Actually I went back on the second day of the sale and got this one half off.)  Once again, I think I will use them as flower holders.  I'm thinking these days that you just can't have enough flowers (and consequently, flower holders).

They also had a box of old sign letters.  I came really close to spelling out our last name, but there was no "K".  So I just went with the "L".

Finally, on the way back home I saw another neighborhood sale, and picked up this candelabra thingy.  Believe it or not, I don't even want to paint it.  I just want to put it on the table on the back porch because I think it looks nice there:

So, some nice things for a little yard sale-ing.

Now I just have to buy some more flowers...

Barbara  – (20 April 2010 at 17:21)  

And I think you're right. You can never have too many flowers.

Anonymous –   – (20 April 2010 at 22:06)  

Yes, that is a surveying equipment tripod and WOW do you have imagination! I want to see photos on the growing vegetation on it.

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