Well, At Least We Know How Far We Have to Go...

Okay, so last night at church I was walking between several of the elementary classes teaching the new Acts material, and heard one of teachers ask this:

"So, do any of you know what 'Acts' means?"

The answer came back with no  hesitation at all, as one boy eagerly piped up, "Yes, it's that hair gel stuff."  

You know, the hair gel stuff:

And yes, he really thought that was the answer.  He was being quite serious.

Well, at least I'm a little more clear about how much we really need to teach this book...

Anonymous –   – (23 April 2010 at 12:55)  

Wow! Mercy!

Lord help us as we prepare the next generation!

"...Act justly...Love mercy...Walk humbly..."

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